My Epic PCT Storytime Traveling Trip



Thursday, September 8th 2011 - Book 113 - I think the sun was messing with my head, in a good way, during this time in My Bookmaking Book Camp. On the 4th, I produced The River Book feeling like I could never top the adventure I had there, and then on this day I topped it...


Inspired by my character The Storytime Traveler from The Living City, I decided to take a "storytime-traveling trip" back in storytime to relive a section of the Pacific Crest Trail I thru-hiked in 2006 using my old trail journal. That shot shows my page-cutting moments at the trailhead at Snoqualmie Pass. The shot at the top of this page shows my first stop on my way up the trail. It's the proof of my cover-making moments, cutting the bottom off my extra-long Thermarest.

As I made my way up to the first campsite in my hike through the Alpine Lakes in 2006, I read my trail journal and recollected that I arrived at the small alpine lake at dusk, met a fellow hiker, had a good conversation with him over a quick dinner, and then passed out in the bushes because I didn't find any open campsites. On this trip, I stopped on the "catwalk" to do battle with the mosquitos and the Thermarest, which presented so much of a problem I almost gave up on the bookmaking trip entirely.

At the small alpine lake, I found a beautiful campsite that overlooked the surrounding peaks. Then, safe inside my see-through mosquito net, I wrote The Making of The Living City, made a bookmark from the DANGER BLASTING tape I found on the trail, took some beautiful shots of the sunset, and kept writing by headlamp until the moon fell behind the ridgeline...when the stars came out. I stargazed until I finally fell asleep, tired, happy, with a book I completed on my return trip back down the mountain. It was so wierd to be hiking southbound on the PCT!

I took the signature shot below on the catwalk where my epic battle to bind this book took place a day before (I put a shot from that battle on my Welcome to Bookmaker Jake's Storybank Account page) The great shot of the trail in wildflowers was taken on my return trip.

* You may see a price, but I may just bury myelf with this one like an Egyptian. I think the person who buys it will have to join me on an epic bookpacking adventure to make up for it :) 

PROP COSTS: $14.60 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 8hrs 8min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $73.57